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Step 1: Find Humble Home

14 Apr

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I moved into our new home—a very spacious and “charming” (i.e.: old) 2 bed, 1.5 bath, 1222 sq. ft. rental house in the suburbanish town of Temple City, CA. The house provides SO much more space than our previous residence, a tiny 750 sq-ft. duplex unit in Culver City, at nearly the same rent! The house definitely has its kinks to work out—such as an old stove which slips from the “OFF” position to “BROIL” without warning, missing window panels, and a pool that looks like a lagoon at the moment. It’s certainly a fixer-upper, but luckily my handy-dandy man likes to “fix” and I like to “up”…the prettiness of things!

I am just happy to have a place with enough space to actually design and decorate. In our last place, we just struggled to fit everything in the unit (i.e.: bikes parked  in the living room, or a dining set that never got used because it was crammed in a corner). Now we can actually make our place look like a real home! Here are some things I love about our new humble abode:

Huge front & backyard. Now our doggie can go “relieve” herself during the day!

Sweet vintage details.

More rooms than we know what to do with. Including this creepy green carpeted, wood paneled “bonus room”, which I am determined to put a moosehead in.

Everyone’s fantasy amenity  as a kid: a pool!

A door leading to a “secret garden,” an area filled with trees and ivy and ?? which is blocked off, but belongs to our property.

The possibilities for decorating are endless! I can’t wait to make this humble house a “home”.


Don’t Trust Me. I’m a Design Idiot.

11 Apr

Let my validate my credibility by saying that first and foremost, I know absolutely nothing about home design.

I hesitate to even call myself a novice—as that implies some sort of beginners background or modest dabbling in the subject.

Nope—I am absolutely clueless—leaping blindly into the world of home decor, design and decoupage (I’m pretty sure that last term doesn’t really work right, but I needed a fancy “de” word to help move me along.)

This blog is for people like me who want to create a cute and fabulous looking home without a lot of fuss, muss, money, complicated terminology or references to designers, styles and eras which need to be continuously Googled to in order to be made sense of.

With my new home as my blank canvas, I will research, explore, experiment, fail, laugh, cry, fail harder and in the end–hopefully–achieve some success in creating:

Accessible home design for the frugal and befuddled.